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Kokari Guesthouse Anti single use plastic initiative

Kokari Guesthouse Anti single use plastic initiative

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Plastic pollution has become a global issue. The effect it has on our plant and marine life is devastating. We are lovers of the ocean where fishing is a passion, and we want to play a part in preserving the life in it, by reducing our plastic consumption.

We urge our guests and anglers to join us in this fight by attempting to eradicate the utilization of single use plastic products. Our first step is to ask our patrons to carry their own water bottles or avail of water in refill bottles. This one small step has massive effects in that, we would not add approximately 110 bottles/ day or 40,000 bottles/year to the plastic trash that is so prevalent in landfills and dumpsters. As we know, its finally makes its way into our oceans.

We will provide safe drinking water in refill bottles during your stay with us – on land and at sea. For your convenience we would have for sale at nominal prices, good quality metal water containers that are reusable. These you may take back with you for future travels or you may leave them with us, so that we can later donate them to charitable institutions such as primary schools and orphanages.

Plastic bottles will no longer be an offering. If you miss the convenience of it, just think of how many lives and species you’re saving.

Thank you for being part of a new consciousness. This will let us enjoy life a little better with a cleaner environment.

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