Five days in Andaman, a traveler’s paradise! How to reach, where to stay and how to plan your travel

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The Andaman Islands is home to more than 500 islands. However, most of them are connected well with the capital, Port Blair.

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It’s that time of the year when the whole world seeks to travel in search of beautiful places! Andaman, crowned as the paradise holds a special place in people’s hearts. Some go there for adventure, some for holiday, and some for rejuvenation. Whatever the reason be, Andaman has an answer for all! Let’s head to this paradise for 5 days of fun.

How to reach?

The Andaman Islands is in the Bay of Bengal and is accessible from all the major airports in India. The direct flights are slightly expensive than the connecting ones but save a lot of time.

Tip: Do not sleep while take-off and landing or else you will miss out the most amazing view!

Where to stay?

The Andaman Islands is home to more than 500 islands. However, most of them are connected well with the capital, Port Blair. We suggest you can break your stay into two parts. Spending 3 days at Port Blair and rest in Havelock Island.

For Port Blair, we suggest you take a hotel, as you won’t be spending much time relaxing here! However, for Havelock, a nice resort by the beachside would be the best option to take. There are plenty of options available depending on your budget. However, I guarantee that whatever star you choose the experience will be delightful.

Five days, five islands

Now is where you decide which direction to go, the South of Andaman is where you find most of the tourists. The north is where you’ll find peace. Although it is best to stay in the south because of time constraints. However, if you plan to extend your stay then North is where you should head!

Start your journey from Port Blair, The Ross (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep) and North bay island are the two closest islands to Port Blair. Both can be covered on the same day. Take a jetty from the port and hop on to your first island that is merely 20 minutes away. One takes you to India’s colonial past and others let you live your dreams. You can see them from the terrace of the Cellular jail.

Tip: Scuba dive even if you don’t know swimming. The instructors are great and you’ll love the experience.

You can start your second day in Havelock (Swaraj Dweep). The island is far from the mainland and takes approximately 3 hours to reach. The island is home to one of the best white sand beaches in India. Spend a night here to make the most of this place. Take a stroll at the beach, take in all the calmness of Vijay Nagar beach. Bath in the high tides of Radhanagar beach and snorkel in the turquoise water of Elephant beach.

Tip: Head to the quaint cafés located in Vijay Nagar eat your heart out. Prawns and calamari are must-try dishes to start with!

Head to the Baratang islands for some adventure on your fourth day. Nature enthusiasts love this place the most. The island has a thick cover of mangroves bordering emerald water. Explore India’s only mud volcano and see nature’s beauty at the limestone cave. If you’re lucky enough then you might encounter the local sentinel tribes.

Tip: This Island is remote and passes through a protected area. So plan everything and read all the guidelines before booking the tour.

Spend the last day doing local sightseeing in the capital city before heading back home. Visit the cellular jail and explore the markets. You can get good souvenir and chocolates for your family and friends.

How can you make the most of your time?

With so much to do, making the most of your time is our utmost motive. Here’s what you can do to make the best of your time.

1. Pre-book your stay and transport – During the peak season (October to March) pre-booking is the best approach because there is a high chance of not finding availability at the last moment.

2. Plan – There is no harm in deciding which islands you want to cover day wise. A little bit of planning can ease out your journey and you can get to enjoy the whole experience.

3. Buy the activity tickets on the spot! – Do not worry about your scuba dive adventure, there are plenty of water activity options on every island. It’s better not to pre-book them because the weather is unpredictable sometimes.

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